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Get Up There: a lifesaving fundraiser

This is a break from our usual blog posts about the latest cameras, our favourite local photographers, and gallery shows and contests. Since I’m the general manager at Atlantic Photo Supply, I’m calling this my soapbox—after all, the whole Atlantic Photo Supply family supported me through the biggest trial of my life. Support our team The Polyp Police with a donation to fight colorectal cancer, if you can. I’d be so touched. See you on the slopes!

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Leadership, please!

This is an opportunity to show the world we are serious about making positive change—and not just incrementally, but wide-scale. At Atlantic Photo Supply, we’ve decided to remove plastic bags from our products as best as we can—sometimes barring the need for a protective casing around canvas or fine art—by March 1, 2019. It’s the right thing to do, and in the meantime we watch the back-and-forth and the inaction with no small amount of frustration. Let’s fix this!

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Allen SutherlandComment

I couldn’t get over the massive size of it as it stood in the wide open staring at our car. I was in awe. I quickly grabbed my gear from the back, adjusted my manual settings, quietly got out and started snapping away. I got a few great shots but they couldn’t compare to what I was going to capture next…

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Everything old is new again... except bell-bottom jeans

The restored colour print looks amazing; Geraldine at Atlantic Photo Supply did a fantastic job! The image was taken by my Nan's father, my late great grandfather, Percy. I don’t know when it was taken, but I figure that it was between 1940 and 1945. It’s a gorgeous colour print that looks like a piece of art. That’s those early days of colour prints for you.

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We're moving (again!)

Our new location will be right on the corner of Vernon and Pepperell streets in the new condominium building, The Keep. The project is still in its infancy stages, so stay tuned for more updates as we get going. Quinpool, we’re moving to your neighborhood! Hope to see you there.

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Go search yourself

Some would say that with the advent of the internet that the days of the little guy in a local market are numbered. Then again, a lot of folks don't really understand the opportunities before us that allow the small companies to jump out into larger markets.

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Ellis Gallery is changing it up

Each workshop will be three intensive days of discovery. Every level of photographer is encouraged to attend, you must bring your camera, manual and laptop as well as an open attitude to learn, stretch and grow as a photographic image maker.

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