Why silver halide?

Image quality

The smooth, continuous tone of RA-4 printing is what makes it the gold standard for professional portraiture and for commercial printers. It's this standard by which other technologies are measured.

Image permanence

Proven image quality for today and for tomorrow. According to Kodak, "Endura Premier Paper will last over 100 years before a noticeable change occurs." And, they have enhanced their papers with special resin stabilizers that have improved stability both for visual and for structure.


With the productivity in the printing and finishing processes of the Chromira ProLab and by recycling the recovered silver with a refiner, RA-4 printing is one of the most economical ways to put images onto a medium.

Continued improvements in performance

"Kodak Alaris is continuing to take a leadership role in the research and technology innovations that keep silver halide at the forefront of photographic printing. In just the last 12 month we have launched and upgraded five silver halide products in our portfolio and we are continuing to innovate products on an ongoing basis."

"Fujifilm has pledged to boost its R&D investment in silver halide paper technology as increasing numbers of photographers opt to use it.”