Why should you mount and laminate?


If you take pictures casually or you have a friend whose pictures you admire, the thought has probably crossed your mind to get one of your photos printed in a larger format to put on the wall.

Photos make excellent art, especially if it has meaning to you or it is a picture you have taken yourself. The execution of this seems relatively straightforward: find a picture you like and print it in the size of the space on the wall that you are trying to fill. For prints about 8x10 and smaller, this is as simple as it gets, but once you get into the territory of 11x14 and larger, a few challenges present themselves.

One of the reasons larger pictures present more of a challenge is that they are physically heavier than smaller prints, and when they sit in a frame for a longer period of time, they tend to sag and bow unless they are secured to either the glass or the frame itself. The other issue that can arise comes when you want to take the picture out of the frame for any reason. When you live in a climate where the temperature fluctuates the way that we do, humidity can be a factor. The glass in the frame can get a small amount of condensation or moisture, and your picture is now stuck to the frame.

There is a section of our website called “Mounting and Lamination”. We can mount and laminate any size photo you order from us, but the benefits are greater for the larger sizes. 


When we mount your photo, you can choose from a smooth mount or foam core.

The smooth mount is a polymer sheet and is ideal for framing as it is thick enough to add stability to your larger print, but thin enough that it would fit into a frame. The foam core would be more suited to smaller prints, as while it is lighter, the larger sizes can bend and bow over time.

Lamination adds a protective layer to the print, which will help in the problem of the print sticking to the glass. This also reduces shine and reflection from the print, creating a smooth surface. This is beneficial for some metallic prints as you can retain the unique colour effects that metallic prints give you while reducing the amount of shine and reflection they can create, and protecting the surface from fingerprints. It also makes the print easier to clean, and if you decide not to frame it for any reason, you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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