I Love The Smell Of Developer In The Morning.

To be a business and stake holder in the photography industry one must realize that photography is more than a trade but also a Art. A place where names like Ansel Adams., Edwin Land and Steve Jobs all prescribed to the same belief. That technology is derived at the intersection of Science and Art.

I still love the smell of Developer in the lab. Nothing like the challenge of balancing the chemistry. It is part of what makes the staff at APS deliver the best prints. The same principals that Ansel layed down in the foundation of the Zone System still influence procedures at APS today!

The Darkrooms have been replaced with computers LED printers and Dayloading C41 processors. AE1's with 5D Mk111 and Medium and large format film cameras with Phase backs. Enlargers with 4300 DPI Creo Scanners. The list of changes go on and on as does the changes at APS.

ZBE Chromira Pro Lab 30 inch LED Printer

Atlantic Photo Supply will continue to grow and change with the times, meeting the needs of our customers, as we have for the past 7 decades.

I think the biggest difference now is that we find ourselves in the middle of this complicated industry. Aside from selling gear and making prints we are more involved in Education. Because as we struggled to learn the new technology, so did our clients.

We Changed Again!

We now help create seminars , and we share information with others on Facebook. We have Star parties for star gazers. We partner with Viewpoint Gallery and have print shows  or promote local Photographer Noel Cheniers new apps , and Eric Boutilier-Browns Photo Workshops . We sponsor Atlantic Photographic Education Group  to produce Mod Squad Events at Shadow House Studio. We sponsor camera clubs many other endeavours in the name of advancing Education for Photographers both Amateurs and Professionals. We also sponsor a bursary to the Holland Collage Photography program.

At the end of the day, through Education, we all become more knowledgable in a industry that has exploded, at center of the Intersection of Science and Art.