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The digital era has greatly influenced the decor of today's home.

The average person now has the ability to surround their living and work space with quality Gallery Wrapped canvas. Portraying your important photographs adds to the character of your space. Thick archival gallery wrapped canvas can be ordered from APS with many sizes and styles to choose from.                                                                                                                          

Bare walls can pose a challenge for anyone, but one option is to dress them with personalized wall art with the help of our online photo printing. This personalized wall art comes in the form of custom canvas photo prints. Atlantic Photo Supply makes it easy for both amateurs and professionals to create these prints in different sizes, configurations and looks.

These easy to create and personalized prints on canvas are also affordable, with the smallest size starting at $40. What is more, Atlantic Photo works with you to bring a completely different dimension to your images, whether they are fading old family photos with heirloom status, or a picture you took on the fly with your cell phone. The online photo printing works with Facebook and iPhone images as well, so small low-resolution images stand a chance too. The canvas comes in either 2 inch thick stretchers, or a slimmer 3/4 inch. We can print almost any size up to 54x100 inches.

If you are trying to figure out how big a print you need, measure the space you want to decorate. If you have a piece of furniture such as a couch, you measure the couch and the best fit is 2/3 the width of the couch. So a 60 inch would allow you a 40 inches to fill with your life story wall art canvas. Keep in mind that you can do a multi image cluster design that can tell a story, or you can divide one image into 3 or 4 separate panels. Like the sample image above. You can have the image wrap around or if there isn't room without cropping something critical out we can add a coloured border!

The great thing about our canvas is it's archival rating is 100 years. We use 100% Canvas with two coats of protective spray. The wood stretchers are 100% Canadian made, cut and milled in New Brunswick. Just a note as well that we don't recommend wire for hanging, just a nail or screw for the inside of the stretcher to hang on. make sure you use drywall plugs for those heavier pieces.

We can also frame your canvas as well, so for that and any other question feel free to contact us!

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