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JULY 2018

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It's HAPPENING. Our last day on Dresden Row will be July 20th!


The Dresden location will be permanently closed on July 20th and we are moving to our new store starting on July 23rd. Look for us to open at our new Quinpool location inside The Keep at the corner of Vernon and Pepperell sometime after August 1st.


And keep your eyes here, on Facebook and on our Instagram for updates on our progress.




See your old family photos in a new light!


Do you have an old or damaged but beloved photograph? We can restore your cherished memories for the next generation. We restore faded and damaged photographs without harming your original.


We can also: retouch, soften and remove blemishes, colourize black and white, and we can add (or remove) people and/or objects.

Call us at 902-423-6724 to learn more!