Printing profit


Big news: we are introducing a website hosting and cart program designed to turn photographers work into profit; an online storefront that ties directly with our lab to process and ship.

This platform is designed to allow professionals to post their images online, set their pricing and allow APS to handle printing and delivering the final product. The idea certainly isn't new and we have had a variety of platforms in the past with varying degrees of success. The advantages with APPIXPRO.COM are that hosting, printing, and shipping are all done in-house, and the prices are in Canadian dollars.

Our goal is to provide a solid solution, made in Canada for the Canadian market.

There is overwhelming evidence that consumers are not only grasping the concept of online shopping, but demanding it from retailers. On a more global scale, Amazon would be a 50 Billion dollar example of how this is not a fad, but a true permanent shift in consumer purchasing. Consumers want a choice!

Photography is an industry rife with potential for online ordering. Photographers can sell their images or sell prints, canvas, and other photo products.

I see no argument against allowing more of your images to be accessed by potential clients. Customers would be best served with a quick and convenient solution to ordering photo products that would guarantee print quality. Taking the time to analyze your current business model will help you decide if you are profiting enough from your from your efforts.

Allowing your client to dance off to a box store with a thumb drive only to get substandard quality prints doesn't make any sense. Aside from the fact it's not good business sense to leave money on the table, you lose control of the final experience. Even bricks and mortar studios can gain profit by giving clients increased ordering options and choices.  


How It Works

There are 2 choices to our platform.

The first option is a cart-only solution. The cart is a simple web page that allows you to upload photos in categories. It can be a link on your current website or a standalone. Your images could be portraits, landscapes, sports events or any type of image you wish to sell. We create a URL under the appixpro domain and open up the lab products for you to add to your cart. You set the prices for your prints. You can have the site public or create passwords for the privacy of your clients. Your customers go to the site, order and pay for the products and the order goes to the lab and printed and shipped to your customer. You can see the orders in your order manager, and choose how you wish to route them to the lab.

The second option is a website and a cart. Through a website provider we offer many templates to choose from and build your own site with or without a cart. Slightly more time consuming then setting up a cart, but a dedicated website is easily the best way to showcase your work.


At the end of the day…

After many years on operating an online store I can tell you that this only a piece of the puzzle. We have enjoyed our online solution to the point 90% of our sales come to us online and 60% of that is shipped. If I were to start shooting again I would have a shopping cart. On the other hand, if you can’t sell enough to pay $24.95 a month for a cart then it is probably not a fit for you. In any case it's always good to re-examine your business model.

If anyone wants to reach out to me, I can reached at: 1 866 905-3335 or

Allen Sutherland