Doing it by the book


There are so many ways to print your pictures today, and so many levels of quality and price to chose from.

Trying to decide the best option for your project sometimes has to be broken down into what the final intent or experience you wish to create is. For your walls, of course, there are prints, canvas and fine art prints that we can help you discover. For gifts there are all those just mentioned, plus a whole list of other gift products from mugs to slate to puzzles. I can't speak to price other then we believe in giving the best quality product for a fair price.

Your Legacy

For what I like to call a legacy project, that may involve the timeline of a family, there are photo books. We make two different products.

The least expensive is our 8.5x11 Linen books. They are printed on our press and have great colour quality. Our best product is the 12x12 flush mounted lay flat leather textured book printed on real premium luster or metallic photographic paper. You can make one 12x24 panoramic spread or individual 12x12 pages. In either book, you can put as many pictures on a page as you want, and you can choose background and foreground colours, as well as add text.

So it's not hard to imagine that you could get a few hundred pictures laid out in a 12x12 book. 

The Final Experience

At the end of the day, it's all about the final experience and what sort of legacy you may wish to pass on to others. Just as my parents and grand parents saved pictures into albums, I too can create a more permanent and tangible timeline that you can pick up and hold in your hands. Remember that digital files being held in your hands are nothing but a recipe for disaster when it comes to the archiving of your family’s pictures.  

As Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, "I never intended for digital images to die on someone's hard drive".