Calendars 101

It's usually around this time of year when calendars start to roll in at APS. And Christmas cards, ornaments, photobooks, mugs... er... this blog is about calendars. Right. I'll leave the rest for another time... if I don't drown in all of these christmas orders before Santa arrives.

It's also around Christmas when people start to get sentimental. And dare I say...stressed? So here you are, staring blankly at your high-def screen; a single bead of sweat rolls down your forehead as you wonder what the heck to get your dear 'ol Mum this year. You are fresh out of ideas and know you can't buy her another pair of slippers.

HOW TO MAKE A CALENDAR at Atlantic Photo Supply

STEP 1: Sign in to our website.

Find the link at the top right-hand side of our website. Create an account if you don't have one already and ALWAYS sign in. It's fast and easy (I promise!) All you need is an email and password. When you sign in you are able to save, edit, leave and return to your projects. The system holds them for 30 days!

STEP 2: Select "Photo Calendars 2019" from the menu.

STEP 3: Select the Calendar type you wish to create. 

There are 3 options:

One Page Calendars are great for office spaces. Choose from your favorite photos from Facebook or your computer so that you won't get tired of looking at it! Comes in sizes 8x10, 11x17 and 12x18.

Monthly Wall Calendars are our most popular option. Unlimited photos, 6 templates available, and customizable. Add special dates, change background and font colors. Comes in sizes: 8.5x11 ($19.99 for 1/$14.99 for 2+) or 12x12 ($24.99 for 1/$19.99 for 2+)

Magnet Photo Calendars are for your fridge or filing cabinet - any magnetic surface! Choose up to 12 photos on any of our 5 templates. 8.5x11 only.

 STEP 4: Choose your quantity, and begin creation.

For this lesson, we are using the Freestyle Layout - Custom Colour Light calendar. 

When you order 2 or more of the same calendar you get a price break! On second thought maybe Dad should have one, too...

Once you've chosen your quantity, select "Begin Creation" to go to the Calendar editor. 

STEP 5: Upload your photos

To upload*: select the blue 'ADD PHOTOS' at the top left-hand side of the screen. A new window will open. Drag and Drop your images or select "Select Files to Upload" to browse your computer. Make sure you select UPLOAD to finish.

* Before you upload, create a folder on your desktop with copies of ALL of the photos you are thinking about including in your calendar. Then upload from this folder for a quick selection and upload of your photos! Make sure they are the best resolution possible to avoid low resolution prints.

Once they finish uploading, you will be given the option to 'automatically place your photos.' Hit "Process" to do this OR you may 'skip/cancel' to customize your calendar yourself.

All of your images will populate as square thumbnails on the right hand side of the site.

Step 6: Save your work—often!

Make a habit of saving your work every few minutes. You can SAVE by selecting "Save" at the top right hand side of the screen. We would hate to see all of your hard work lost due to an automatic page refresh.

Step 7: Arrange and edit your photos

You can do this one of TWO ways.

  1. Drag each image from the thumbnail list to the blank page you wish to add it to. It will center itself automatically and you can resize it by pulling from the corners.

  2. You can add a template to your page by clicking on "LAYOUT" at the top left hand side. You can choose to show 1-5+ images. Choose what you want the page to look like, and our program will then add placeholders or auto-fill your photos in (depending on what you choose under the Layout dropdown menu).

EDIT OPTIONS: When you click on a photo on your page, you then have the option (found on the left side) to CROP, ROTATE, PAN/ZOOM, SWAP OUT, SET AS BACKGROUND, REMOVE or ADD A BORDER to your selected photo.

STEP 8: Add custom text/dates

Select the "Add Text" button at the top-left of your canvas. A text box saying "TYPE TEXT HERE" will appear in the center of the page. Select the text box and you can edit text, resize, choose a color and font on the left hand side.

Easily move your text around by dragging and dropping the text box where you want it.

Make sure to Resize your text box if you see that your text is being cut off.

STEP 9: Change background colour or pattern

Select "THEMES" on the top left side (next to PHOTO and LAYOUT).

Under the dropdown, select 'Colour’ for a solid colour background or you can choose from a variety of different patterns. 

If you want to apply your changes to ALL OF YOUR PAGES, select the check box beside "Set on All Applicable Pages" 

STEP 10: Check your work

SAVE OFTEN and take an extra minute to scroll through each individual page to make sure you are happy with the colors, fonts, images and layouts you have chosen. Anything outside the red border may be cut off so make sure everything of importance is within the lines. 

Step 11: Complete your order

You're done! You've looked at your calendar one final time and are happy with what you've created. Mom is going to cry and Dad will pull you close to give you a manly shoulder hug. It's going to be a hit. 

  1. Choose "NEXT"

  2. OPTIONS AND REVIEW page will appear. You will see Order Options and Order Summary. If everything is a Go, hit "ADD TO CART"

  3. Enter a Promo Code if you have one. Choose "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" if you're finished shopping.

  4. Choose to "SHIP MY ORDER" or "PICK UP IN STORE". Enter your information and "CONTINUE."

  5. Next, Choose your Store (Halifax or Dartmouth, if you selected 'Pick Up In Store')

  6. Select "ORDER NOW" to finalize the transaction.

  7. You will be sent an email with your order number and confirmation of order. YOU WILL RECEIVE A SECOND EMAIL ONCE YOUR PRODUCT IS READY FOR PICK UP OR HAS BEEN SHIPPED!

I hope that these steps were easy to follow and that they helped make your calendar creating experience more enjoyable. Your Mom will love it and your Dad will pretend he does. Merry Christmas and happy creating!