Creative photo printing ideas


In today's world of thousands of digital files on our hard drives and phones, it would appear to be a nightmare to decide what to do with them. If you are not an organized person to begin with, then you just might throw in the towel. But what if instead of starting from the pile looking for images, you start with a concept of how you want to display them.

Plain old photo printing is the simple option until you decide what you want to do with the prints. Creating your own Collage takes many images and puts them into a single theme.

Framing your prints is always the first option. For choice of frames, you need to take into account the decor they will be displayed in. Treat every image like a piece of art. Realistically, we are talking small numbers here, not the thousand images you have squirreled away. Frames come in hundreds of styles, but I like to divide them into traditional and postmodern. Today's modern decor varies widely, but in many ways follow those lines. Retro is a trend, therefore more rustic frames are a fit, whereas that ultra-modern interior design may need a little more thought.

Your home is not the only place that you can personalize; your workplace is also a great option for displaying precious moments in time for all to see.  It's important to know that almost all our print products are Mobile and Instagram-friendly, so get those images off your phone and onto a keepsake.


There are more things that you can do with a picture then traditional prints. Canvas printing is an easy no frame approach, and for the higher end look there are Canvas Floater frames. 100 years archival Canvas Prints are produced at Atlantic Photo Supply along with a selection of floater frames. 

We also have new Framed Canvas print product mounted on smooth mount with 3 frame styles that will fill any space on your walls, creating the ambiance of the lifestyle art decor. This product is cured and sprayed with two protective coats. Your image will "POP" off the print. The Frames are made here in Atlantic Canada and have truly professional look. Again, when it comes to presenting images, it is important to portray your moments in time in some fashion other than a slide show on a computer monitor. 

Prints and Canvas are but a few things we can help you with. How about Metal Prints, Calendars, Mugs, Hardboard Panels, Puzzles, Clocks,T Shirts,Can Koozies,or a Cuff Bracelet for starters?