Metal prints

My foothold is tenoned and mortised in granite,

I laugh at what you call dissolution,

And I know the amplitude of time.

- Walt Whitman

Years ago, we'd take photos for a reason; you had family coming over, you were going on a trip, there was a wedding.

You had one or two special shots out of a roll of twenty four that you'd put in a frame or give away or put on the fridge. Those photos created the backdrop to our childhoods. They were the physical representation of a memory or a place you cared enough about to commit to film.

Then, the options for preserving that memory were few.

My family used to go camping at Bon Echo in Ontario every year, and the cliff there is called Mazinaw Rock. One of the constants in my childhood was that rock. It would be there every year, and so would we. I'm sure we took many pictures of the rock over the years, but I don't remember keeping many of them, or they were squirreled away in one of my mom's albums. Recently, I found myself looking through one of those albums, and I came across a picture of Mazinaw Rock. The rush of memories came back to me, and although the picture itself isn't extraordinary, what it represents truly is.


Today, we find ourselves with more ways to share our photos than just a regular 4x6 tucked away in an album or enlargement on the wall. One such option is a metal print, which is affordable and something that doesn't need to be framed. Like a canvas, it creates a statement. It is also durable and the available sizes are perfect for a scanned photo. These metal prints make great gifts, and they travel well. It is very easy to set up on the photogifts section of the site, and they ship across the country.

Seeing your old memories in a different format will breath new life into them and remind you why you spent the film to take that shot, or why that shot was the only one out of a roll of twenty four to actually turn out.

Elizabeth CurtinComment