Personalized photo calendars


In today's wired world where our schedules and time space are all delivered by electronic media, we often forget about the traditional wall Calendar.

For generations it has filled a special place on our walls. When I was a kid, our outhouse always had an up to date calendar from our local general store hanging front and center; Calendars were the center of family planning.

Most of all, it was the photographs that made certain months special. My Grandfather always had his favourite in the garage, while Grandmother had our lives marked down to the hour on her Red Rose Calendar. 

I had a Export "A" Toronto Maple Leafs calendar on my bedroom wall. I still have a copy today (memories of glory days past). The calendar in print has always been a piece of our surroundings, a statement of the world at the moment in time we live in.

So if you have an opportunity to add a little ambiance to your home as well as put some memories that could eventually become precious keepsakes on your wall, do it in the form of a quality personalized photo calendar. It also is a tremendous gesture to those we care about. Your family and friends—maybe co-workers. It is such a unique way for us to share a true moment in time on 14 different photo pages.

Before You Get Started....

Step 1. Think about a cover photo as well as images for the 12 months of the year, and a back cover as well. You can do it by seasons or by a theme. Perhaps a special event, weddings, anniversaries or your children in 2014, or just a year of wonderful memories that are stored on your computer. 

Step 2. Once you have organized that, all you have to do is go to the Photo Calendar section of our website and choose the calendar that will fit your style. There are also single image Photo Poster Calendars as well.

Step 3. Upload those photos and organize them by month online. *Hint. It easier to organize and name them by month beforehand. You can also put notes on dates that are memorable such as September 25, which is my birthday. Once finished, click next and go to the shopping cart then check out.

Our Photo Calendars are printed on premium quality McCoy cover stock and shipping is $8.50 coast to coast. Don't wait until the last minute—sign in to Atlantic Photo Supply so all your work will be saved while you work on your project. This also means you won't have to fill in all your credentials each time you check out. We also have a newsletter you can sign up to that will give you all the latest deals and information on our products.