The Model Railroad Show

As I mentioned, in the title of my first blog entry, I am a model railroader...

One aspect of my hobby is the social part. One of my friends was in the USA at a model  railroad show and met members of a club based in Rhode Island and became good friends with them. When he got back he suggested to me that we build some sections that would fit with their railroad. So the two of us built three sections to the same specifications as the parent group so we could join them together at train shows. Suddenly more of our friends in the Halifax area decided that they should build some sections as well. We have grown to a group of twelve members with a total of thirty one modular sections. 

As a group, we take our railroad to four or five shows each year and transporting and assembling it is a time consuming venture. The most recent show was in Tatamagouche on the first of June. Seven different clubs from the Maritimes brought model railroads to the show for the public to enjoy. What follows is a description of the weekend set up and show. 

Through the week I gather all of the sections and equipment necessary to the set up. Then on the set up day I pack the car and trailer with all of the gear.


Upon arrival to the show site the set up begins, legs are attached, sections are clamped together and the railroad begins to take shape.


After all of the sections are combined all of the details are added to make things look as realistic as possible. Trees, automobiles, people, buildings and, of course, the trains.


Once it is all together it is time for the visitors, and our group, to enjoy running the trains. We do allow visiting kids and adults give running the trains a try and it is very popular.


All too soon it is time to pack it all up and head home, to put it all away until the next show. 


If you like trains, models or three dimensional art, pay a visit to a model railroad show sometime, you’ll find it very interesting.....

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