Amateur Print Show Winners.

 The winners are listed below. The prints for this event will be ready for pick up on May 9th. We will be posting all the winners images in the next few days on our facebook page. Thank you to all made this event a success. We hope to improve on this next year.


1st Prize = F6 - Carrie Sylliboy
Honorable Mention = F2 - Wayne Hollett

Honorable Mention = F7 - Julia Naas


1st Prize = PA3 – Tasso Dikaios

Honorable Mention = PA4 - Craig Sheppard

Honorable Mention = PA2 – Bonita LeDrew


1st Prize = M1 - Craig Sheppard


1st Prize = A9 - Heather Black

Honorable Mention = A2 – James Hendry

Honorable Mention = A10 – Blaire Moore


1st Prize = AT1 – Bill Power and John Paul Laflamme.


1st Prize = NL22 – Colin Craig

2nd Prize = NL16 – Sara Harley

3rd Prize = NL35 – Bernadette Morris

Honorable Mention = NL11 – Greg Berry

Honorable Mention = NL25 – Steve Phillips

Congratulations everyone who won. Your prize can be picked up at either location , any questions email me Thank you

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