How Will You Be Remembered?

When we purchased Atlantic Photo back in late 2001 the digital camera was new technology.  I was asked if this new technology would spell the end of our industry.  If these new cameras produced a picture that you could view right away, either on the camera or on your computer screen, why print them?

 But if people aren’t printing their pictures how will we be remembered fifty or a hundred years from now? We talk to people every week that have deleted important images by mistake, had a hard drive crash or are dealing with a corrupted CD that cannot be read.  Many have lost wedding pictures, baby’s first day, graduations and other important events in their lives.  Once those files are gone there is no bringing them back.

 We have always believed that the best back up for a digital file is a print.  Those printed files will be around a hundred years or more from now while the files they were printed from will most likely be lost to old technology.  Who still watches VHS tapes or even has the equipment to view them?

 This summer we updated Foto Depot, our online printing service, to make printing even more accessible.  We now offer the ability to not only make regular prints but books and calendars, photos on coffee mugs, water bottles, cell phone cases and so much more.  The possibilities are almost limitless. Check it out at and give it a try.

Just this past December we launched our own app for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.  Now you can shoot and connect directly to our lab from your Apple phone or tablet.  Search for the app in the Apple App Store under “Print At Atlantic Photo”.

Most importantly whatever way you choose, online through foto depot, in-store, or from your phone or tablet print pictures.  Your grandchildren and their children will thank you for it.

Brian Giffin, President, Atlantic Photo Supply

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