How One Dog Changed Everything

I moved to Halifax for school and had to leave the family dog with my parents in Ontario. I really hated not having a dog around so I went to a doggie expo and talked to a few different rescues about fostering. One stood out to me and not too long after the expo, I had a phone interview with Ador-a-bull Dog Rescue. I was told I would get a puppy in about a month that was being flown in from Ontario. This was a rescue that focused on dogs that are considered "substantially similar" to pitbulls and are illegal in Ontario. I was all excited and starting preparing for the puppy's arrival.

A few days later, I got an email saying there was a dog in Halifax that had been in a shelter for 3 weeks and needed to come into foster. They said he would be kind of challenging but he was a sweet boy. I told them I was up for whoever needed help. I had no idea what I was really getting into. A few days later, Brew showed up at my door. He was quite skinny, ribs and spine showing, but very smiley and friendly. I was in love instantly.

For the next few weeks, we spent our time getting to know each other. I discovered Brew had no socialization skills, with people or dogs, whatsoever. He went crazy when we went outside, acting like he had never seen the outside world before. Brew had no manners and was jumpy at sudden or strange noises. After a month, he was posted for adoption. There were a few people that showed a little interest, but no one ever followed through. He started to get more comfortable with me and quickly started showing his personality. His antics never stopped.  

He started finding strange places to sleep and building couch forts became a favorite past time lol.

In the months to follow we started going to puppy classes so Brew could learn how to behave properly around other dogs. It took us four rounds of beginner classes to pass, but after a year of constant training, he finally got his certificate! He started making other dog friends, which was a huge accomplishment for him.

I had him as a foster dog for a year before finally openly admitting that he had been in his forever home all along. We made it official and this past May we celebrated his second rescueversary!!

I got him his own special bone to celebrate but he was afraid of the candles haha!

I am now heavily involved in Ador-a-bull Dog Rescue and absolutely love it. I get to help wonderful dogs find their perfect forever home and watch them overcome their tough beginnings. I am so grateful Brew came into my life and opened my eyes to this amazing world of dog rescue!


Karen Dillabough2 Comments