My First Parking Ticket

It was my third week working for Atlantic Photo Supply and I was sent over to the Dartmouth location to learn the lab side of things. My car had died a few weeks earlier so I was hitching a ride with a co-worker all week. I finally found a new car and got to drive it to work on Friday. I showed that car off to everyone!! I was so excited about my little Pontiac Wave.

About midway through the morning Allen asked me if I had a parking pass for the parking lot out back. I didn't remember seeing one in the car I had come in for the week so I just brushed it off. Allen kept asking me so finally I asked if I actually needed one. He assured me I absolutely did! He said I would get a ticket if I didn't have one. He then pulled out his business card and told me to put that on my front dash so they at least know why I'm parked there. I, again, left it. While on my lunch, Allen came up to me again and asked if I had put the card in my window. I said no and decided that if he was being this persistant, maybe I really did need some sort of pass, although the business card acting as a pass should have tipped me off immediately.

I walked out to the car and a couple co-workers were already outside on their lunch break.... or so I thought. I went over to my car and low and behold I already had a ticket!!! I was so mad! I put the business card in my dash, snatched the ticket from my windsheild and walked back to the door. As I walked back, Allen asked what was wrong and I said I got a ticket. He said he told me and I said I didn't believe him but I guess he was right. He asked how much it was for and it was $25. Then he said to take a closer look at the ticket. I looked again and it was not for a pontiac wave! It was for Allen's car! He had gotten a ticket while parked at the Halifax store and tried to pass it off to me. He started laughing hysterically and made sure everyone knew about it. He even called the Halifax store to tell them what happened! Allen thought he was pretty clever.... little does he know, he just started a war :)

Karen DillaboughComment