Farewell to 5505 Spring Garden Road…

I have been working at Atlantic Photo Supply since 2000, being here for that length of time I have to say that we come a long way, from your basic film to going digital. I have learned so much here and made a lot of new friends in people that have come and gone, even working with the love of my life for a few years.

As the years go by there is one thing that never changes and it was the building that I have walked into everyday for the last 11.5 years. I have spent more time at this location than I have in my own home.

The building might be old but it is unique and it has character-- that warm homey feeling. This building has been through a lot, from being a hardware store, then a candy store, to what it is today. It has had the stress of everyday life- from a car driving through the front window, to surviving hurricane Juan and then White Juan.

Although we are moving to a bigger and better location, I can’t help but feel sad that I am leaving this building. It has had its share of good memories, and at times, some bad. In the long run, I am going to miss 5505 Spring Garden Road.