For the love of Flickr.


When I was busy doing my 365 project, I would find myself lost in the amazing-ness of Flickr, a place where photographers and artists come together to share photos and inspiration. Exploring through the thousands of images of everyday people, brought the same kind of comfort as a cup of coffee and a good book.

Since I have not been doing any photo projects lately, it dawned on me that it had been months since I had been to flickr. I decided to take a trip there and explore some of the galleries. There are many types of different Galleries on Flickr, all including photographs of professionals and amateurs from all over the world.

I stumbled upon 6 very interesting and beautiful Galleries. From every color of the rainbow, to a rat named Miss Honey, to a little dog named piggy with eyes that melt, there is a little taste of everything, and thought I would share them, so that you too could get lost in their magic. Beside each one I chose my favorites.

They are worth taking some time to look at. Which ones do you love?

Dogs: "Piggy"

Pencils: "Colored Pencils" (By istefan)

Rats: "Meet Miss Honey"

Lightning: "Great Salt Lake Utah"

Locks: "A lock is better than...."

You spin me 'round: "Flying Kid" (The one with the dog in the background)