Try doing something fun!

If you have ever done a project 365, or tried to survive through a winter in Nova Scotia, you know that sometimes inspiration can be a hard thing to come across. There are only so many pictures of that flower, or that snow, that you can take!

Why not try something different? Why not challenge yourself and do something fun?

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Take a jumping picture. Get a shutter release, set up your camera on the ground and try getting a shot of your feet in the air. Do it right and it can look like you are floating!

The art of levitation. This one takes practice, and patience. Set up your tripod and photography a background. (Choose something easy to manipulate if this is your first time!) Then, without moving the tripod, put a stool or small table in the shot, and lay on it, allowing your arms and legs to dangle freely. Use your shutter release or self timer to take the shot. Then, using Photoshop, remove the table or stool. Because you have an image of the background before the stool was added, you should be able to easily blend the two. The more you do it, the better they look! You can also use different subjects, such as items floating above your hand.

Dress up your pet. I myself do not see the point in dressing animals up in little outfits all the time, however once in awhile, for a photograph or a laugh, it can be very amusing. Grab a pair of eye glasses, a hat, even a tutu, and place them on your pet. The more creative you get, the better.

Sometimes its fun to live outside of the box and have a little fun. You may even end up with a really great photo to print and hang on your wall. Like this one of my dog that I keep in my wallet.

What creative image did you come up with?