"I should have gotten that printed..."


Recently I was clearing off my computer, moving things over to my jump drive, and I noticed that somewhere along the way, some files I had stored on my jump drive had become corrupted. A folder titled, "Kelly's Images" was now nothing but garbled text and folders. I ache at the thought of what was in that folder. Was it images from my best friends wedding in the summer? Or was it the photographs I took while camping in the ovens? Whatever it was, I knew I had made one fatal mistake when it came to those images. I didn't get any prints made of them. (Okay, another mistake, I should have backed them up somewhere.)

The point is, you can't always trust computers. And if I had done the right thing, and made prints, even proofs, at least I would have something to scan right now.

I went through all of my images, deleted some old ones, worked on some old favorites, and am definitely going to get prints of them made soon. Because my mind just can't stop wondering, what was in that folder???

Visit our store website and select online printing. This will take you to foto depot where you can easily store and print your images with the click of a button! (That means your images will be stored somewhere else other than your computer!) Your images will be sent straight to our lab, where we will check them, print them, (care for them) and then package them up for you. And did you know, if you haven't signed up for foto depot, visit us in store and tell us that and we will give you a free print card (Good for 25 free 4x6's) to get you going! You can't beat that!