Time for another round of....FAQ's!


"Why do I keep getting card errors?"

Card errors can happen at the most inconvenient times and usually it's because information on your card has gotten jumbled. When a memory card is full of photos most people simply delete the photos but this doesn't erase them from your card. The information is still there and it simply rewrites over it as you take more photos. This can go haywire sometimes which is why if you want to delete all you photos from your card then  formatting is your best bet. The format option is usually located in your camera's setup menu and usually will require several confirmations before it will format. Formatting completely clears all information from your card and will keep it in good working order. Here are some tips for staying out of trouble:

1. Whenever you buy a new card, format it before you start using it.

2. Whenever your card is full (or at least every month or so) save all your photos on your computer or to disk and format your card. Formatting deletes everything so make sure your photos are saved in a safe place before you format!

3. If you do end up deleting your photos or formatting you card accidentally, stop taking photos immediately but don't panic just yet! We do card recoveries here at Atlantic Photo Supply and we can usually recover lost photos.


"What is my photo gear worth?"

If you're looking to resell your gear or just want to know what the current retail value is then KEH.com is a good place to start. They have a large database of used camera gear as well as a very accurate rating system for the condition of the gear. It makes it pretty easy to find a good price match for your own equipment and give you an idea of how much it could be worth. KEH is located in Georgia so their prices are in US dollars. Also, it's important to keep in mind your location and that demand and accessibility can change from place to place. If you want to know a good place to sell your gear, Craiglist or Kijiji are free to use. People are usually looking to barter so ask for $20-$50 more than you expect to get. If you're having a hard time selling, wait awhile and then repost your ad with a lower price. The market value of digital cameras drops significantly over time so it's better to sell it sooner than later.


"Where can I find good camera reviews?"

The best place to check out is dpreview.com. Their reviews are  thorough and objective. They usually have in-depth reviews on most of the dslr's and offer a clear outline of the pros and cons of each model. Since new cameras are released often make sure that the reviews you're reading are current.


"Why aren't my photos sharp?"

If you find your photos aren't looking sharp then it could be a variety of things:

1. Slow shutter speed: if you're shooting with very little light and your camera is on automatic settings then it could be that your camera is choosing a slower shutter speed to compensate. By slowing down the shutter speed you're at risk for getting blurry photos. A solution is choosing a manual mode  or shutter priority mode and making sure your shutter speed is faster the 1/60th of a second.

2.  Lens not focusing: in low-light settings cameras have trouble focusing if there's a lack of contrast in the scene your shooting. It could also be your focus settings. Look at your camera's focusing options to pick one that fits your shooting style (facial recognition, center focusing, etc)

3. High ISO: ISO determines how sensitive your camera's sensor is to light. If your camera is automatically choosing a high ISO due to poor light you will notice that your photos have "digital noise". This can be solved by keeping your ISO at the lowest setting you can, 200 usually being the best choice.


"Do you take passport photos?"

 Yes. bring your specs. $20.