I Am A Hypocrite.

Here we are again, December 3rd. I'm pretty sure that for those of you that follow Atlantic Photo Supply on Facebook,, you already know we are promoting FEED NOVA SCOTIA. It is a charitable organization that helps feed hungry people by collecting and distributing food to more than 150 member agency food banks and meal programs, while at the same time striving to eliminate chronic hunger and poverty through research, awareness and support programs.

Last year our little world was in a tiny bit of turmoil. You see the fat cats on Wall Street, and all the Bankers and Big Corporate shareholders were being called to task for greed, theft, and disregard for things that uphold society by its moral fibers. Doom and gloom continues because of their actions. The entire world economy is in turmoil. If I ever meet Fanny Mae or Freddy Mack I will not hesitate to slap them silly. In the big boys world there is a broken Moral and Ethical compass. If you have the money you can buy your way out of any shitstorm! Hypocrites!

Last year the OCCUPY MOVEMENT set up camp and I’d had enough. All their rhetoric pointed at anyone and anybody that owned or worked for anyone one or anybody. They all ate at MacDonald’s, sucked back lattes at Starbucks and slept in tents on my (city) property. In my mind they were just a bunch of transient hypocrites!

So Here is what I did.

I decided to call CBC Mainstreet and start the challenge. We talked about it and away it went. Larry Wark from the CAW retirees, APS, Money's-worth and Best, Covey Island Boats Works, hundreds of loyal APS customers and staff helped raise almost $20,000!

So Here Is The Problem

I am a Hypocrite. In all the excitement of intending to do something good, to prove to everyone we were different, I was as guilty as the jerks on Wall Street or the folks in the park.

Here Is Why.

I blogged, I did media interviews, Facebooked the Hell out of the cause. We made signs that said ”If you want to occupy Wall Street then support your local independent business" The day it was over, I stopped helping. I turned my attention to other things of more importance to my company and my personal life. Then I sat again in front of the Microphone and did it all over again. I spoke about food and shelter being the most important basic human need. I was raised better. We were poor but never hungry. One of my kids confided in me one day that they had gone to a food bank before and they thought it was great that I was supporting Feed Nova Scotia. Boom. Guilt Street. I am sorry. I will never ever again half support a cause. If you have read this and don't support something to help someone out then you are Hypocrite too. I don't care what the charity is. If you are able to help, pony up. If you need help then don't be afraid to ask. Hopefully it won't be a Hypocrite that reaches out his hand. I guess I just reset my own moral and ethical compass.

APS will give you a $10 gift certificate for 1kg of food and will donate $1 to Feed Nova Scotia for a $5 or more purchase on fotodepot. You can bet that I won’t stop after December 14th.

It’s one thing to get sucked up into the vortex of the stratosphere, it’s another thing to become a reflection of the same.

Humbly Yours,
Allen Sutherland

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