Storing Your Prints


Like me I'm sure most of you have photos and negatives stored away in drawers, closets and boxes and wonder what should I do with them? Should I put them in an album, write the date, name and location on them? Do I need to make a digital copy? Where do I begin?

Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Before you begin, pick a quiet space in your home where you can spread out and sort your photos. Maybe a spare room, or an office. Once you have a space start gathering all your photos and placing them in your chosen area. Be sure to look everywhere in your home for photos that are hidden away. Once you have collected all your photos you can begin sorting. The easiest way to sort is by year, as you are sorting, label your photos, identify the year, location and people in the photo. Once you have sorted your photos by year you can break it down into events and months. You can also throw away photos that you no longer need or want. Also keep in mind that it will take longer than you expect to sort your photos, set aside a few hours when you can to work away at it.


  • If you do not want to sort your photos by year you can also sort them by people, for example, family, friends, or pets.


  • You can keep your negatives with your photos or you can separate them by year and store them in binders, make sure they are in sleeves to help protect them. We sell sleeving for .49 cents a sheet, if you're in need.


  • Once you have them sorted you can file them in shoe boxes or photo boxes and use index cards to separate groups of photos. This will make putting them into albums easier, be sure to use archival albums with acid free paper. When storing your photo boxes keep them in a dry place and for extra protection you can invest in a fire proof safe.


  • If you decide to make digital copies of each image be sure to check out our digital services, among them we offer shoebox scanning. You provide us with a standard size shoe box with as many photos that you can fit inside and we will scan them to disc for you.

However you decide to store your photos, keep in mind that there are lots of photo organizing services available to help you, and also remember that if a print becomes lost or damaged a copy can not be made without a negative or a digital copy, protect your memories.