The Invisible Mothers


Sometimes on a Monday morning, I find it a little hard to get going. During our free time at work, (When there is some) we will often find strange and fascinating sites pertaining to photography.

One afternoon, one of my co workers directed me to some photography from the early 1900's, known as "The Invisible Mothers"

During this time period, many families wanted portraits of their children. Memories of their innocence that they could hold onto. The only problem was that many children were afraid of the photographers. The solution to this, was to include the mother in the photograph, by covering her as a prop. A blanket, a rug, even a curtain, would be thrown around the mother, and then the children would sit on her lap or gather around her for their photograph. In some of the pictures, it was very hard to tell, because they would crop right in on the children. However in some of the other photo's, it was all too obvious that the family room curtain was wrapped around mother's head.

To see these fascinating portraits, and WARNING, they are addictive! check out this website. (Retronaut) I guarantee once you start looking, you will want to see them all.

I would be interested to know what you think of them. I myself find them interesting, yet very eerie. It makes me wonder, why didn't this "invisible mother" want to be in the picture with her children?