My Favorite Subjects


Everyone has their favorite subjects to photograph. For some it's nature, for others the cityscape. Our favorite photography subject says a lot about who we are as a person, what peaks our interest and what grabs our attention. Even diverse photographers will often have a consistent theme to their work throughout changing subject matter.  When I look though my photographs over the past few years, I am struck by the amount of photos I have of my two favorite subjects: my two dogs! I am constantly trying to capture their lovely little personalities in my photographs. For every nice picture I have of them, I have ten that didn't work because they looked away or stopped doing the things they were doing as soon as I approached them with a camera. I've found a few tricks that helps me with my guys; here are a few:

  1. Try to take the photograph from your pet's point of view - instead of standing and angling your camera down at your pets, try and get on your hands and knees or even your belly.
  2. Take photographs using natural light. Their fur stays truer to their natural coloring, and you don't have to use a flash, which can upset some pets (my doggies don't like it).
  3. Stay positive and upbeat, give lots of praise and pets. If your pet is getting bored or frustrated give them a break - it's hard to capture their personality when they are not in a good mood.
  4. When possible, remove collars and leashes to get a pic of your pet au naturel. This only applies when you are in a securely fenced area and there is no chance of your pet getting loose. It is not worth the risk to your pet's well being to do so otherwise.

When I look as my photos of my dogs through the years, I can see the passage of time. I can see my little guy passing through his puppy stage, his scruffy adolescence with freakishly large paws and no grace to speak of. I see my little girl in all the silly sweaters and costumes I've made her wear. I see my house become a home, and us become a family.