Mid Winter Inspiration


I find winter to be a really hard time to photograph. The few good shots I have of snow seem to be from film.Don't get me wrong- I think it can be a beautiful season, in fact, it's been my favorite for as long as I can remember. It just doesn't grab me and scream "get out your camera" like the other seasons.

For one, I'm bad at photographing snow. I could probably remedy that with practice and a search online for tips, but then the second reason comes barreling out at me- winter makes me lazy. Unless you are super human, you probably get that feeling too. Short days, long nights, cold, slush... It's the perfect mix to make me wish I could hibernate for most of the winter months.

I can't just waste the winter, though, as tempting as it sometimes seems. Instead I try my best to find a little inspiration where I can. A google search sometimes helps, and this time I found something to share with all of you; a website called sh1ft.org

If you are tired of the same old photo project, then you might find something new here. They've got project ideas such as "a day in the life", "26 things" and "quick snap". All the ideas are great, and as a bonus, people share links to their blog, flickr etc. Sharing our progress makes it easier to obtain our goals! Plus, it's fun to see the different things other people come up with.

Do you think you'll be participating in any of these? Or do you have a project of your own that you're working on? Drop us a comment with a link, photo, or suggestion, we'd love to see what everyone is up to!