Camera Obscura - A Rainy Day Project Revisited


In early 2010, long before I worked at the store full time, Erin posted a blog about camera obscura

I had been keeping up with APS on facebook for some time and I found this post particularly intriguing, especially the part about the matchbox pinhole camera. I followed the links and decided to build one for myself and test it out.  I know the blog was written some time ago, but I’ve been sitting on the pictures I took without sharing them with anyone so I figured why not do it now.

Here are some shots I took that I liked best.  The exposure times ranged from one-second to 2 hours.  One thing I noticed was where the author indicated to make the pinhole very small, they meant really small.  I thought my pinhole was tinier than they recommended, but smaller still would have given a sharper image.

Regardless of the results I had a good time building the camera and using it.  I strongly recommend trying pinhole photography and I plan on doing it again soon.  Below are some photos I took with my matchbox camera with the exposure times written below each image.

1 second exposure 

10 minute exposure 

10 minute exposure, I held as still as I could 

10 second exposure 

10 second exposure 

10 second exposure

Roughly 2 hour exposure 

Another 10 minute exposure, I blundered taking the film out, but still kind of liked the photo.