The Lab: F.A.Q


Every body has got questions. We hear them everyday- it's part of the job! We don't mind answering them, but just to make it easier on you, we thought we'd start a list. This is just 10 of our most asked questions. If there is something you're wondering about that isn't in this list, feel free to leave us a comment, call the store, or just pop by and ask!

Q1: Do you process true black and white film? How long does it take and what are the costs?

A1: We can! Unfortunately, it isn't done onsite - so it does take up to two weeks to complete. We can do either 35mm or 120 films. Develop only for 120 will run you ten bucks, and for 35mm it's nine bucks. That price does not include prints. However, you can add them, or a cd to your order for an additional cost.

Q2: Can you cross process?

A2: We can! We send it out, same as the black and white film, so it can take up to two weeks. We can't do any cross processing on site because its too hard on our machine- sorry! Both 35mm or E-6 are the same price- it's 10.99 for a 24 exposure, and 13.99 for a 36 exposure. That price is for developing only- you can add a cd or prints to that for an additional charge.

Q3: Can you process E-6?

A3: Yes! We sure can! It is not done on site, so it will take up to two weeks to complete. Develop and mount is 10.99 for 24 exposure, or 13.99 for 36 exposure. You can add prints or a cd with that- you can check those prices here. Just know that we price by the slide.

Q4: Can you process 120 film?

A4: For sure! On site, too! So you can get your film back in 24 hours. Sometimes we are even able to rush them, if you ask nicely- and if we aren't too busy, of course. It's $7.20 for develop only, and you can find our print pricing if you click here.

Q5: Do you still process a lot of film?

A5: Not as much as 5 years ago, but there is still enough to keep us busy! Most people would be surprised at the number of throw-away cameras we still receive. We like film though, so keep 'em coming!

Q6: Can I order online?

A6: Yes! Please do! You can make an account on Foto Depot. Just follow the prompts. We've all kinds of cool stuff that you can print on - picture puzzle anyone? If you've got any questions about the site, or if you are having trouble setting up an order, feel free to call us at (902) 423-6724 or email us at .

Q7: Can I email you photos to print?

A7: Sorry, but no, we don't accept orders through email. You can use our online ordering service, though. See above question for details.

Q8: I have submitted my photos through Fotodepot, and I got them back cropped. What happened?

A8: If your original file is a 4x6 (for example) and you want to get a 5x7 or 8x10- it's going to crop your photo! Foto Depot will automatically crop to the middle of the photo, so make sure that when you are ordering different sizes, you check your crop. All you have to do is click the little magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. This will also take you to the other editing options. If you forget to check your crop, or you pick it up and it's wrong, please know that as much as we'd like to be able to fix it, we can't. The file we receive is already cropped, so you will have to redo your order. Best to double check before you check out!

Q9: Can you print my photos with/without the time/date stamp on it?

A9: Unfortunately we have no control over the time/date stamp. This is something you have to set on your camera. So if you haven't got that option, then it wont be there. You can however add text or a date to your photo, either through Foto Depot, or at our in-store kiosks.

Q10: Why doesn't the color on my print look like my screen?

A10: The most famous question of all! We hear this one a lot- and the fact is that all computer screens are different! Ours have been calibrated to match our printers. So in the lab, we can pull something up and see how it will look when it is printed here. You do have to remember that other labs print differently then us, so the color will change depending on where your image is printed.

If you're a loyal client, and the color of your prints matters a lot to you, then we suggest taking the time to calibrate your monitor to our printing. It's a pretty simple process, all you need is a print that hasn't been corrected (let us know you want a straight print with no corrections when you send this through) and software that will help you change the color on your screen. Then you just have to make the screen look like the print, and away you go.

Of course, this won't fix your screen forever, and some files can print differently no matter how calibrated your screen is! That is the nature of our digital world! Just remember to calibrate regularly, and it should keep your prints looking pretty close.

If you don't want to deal with all that, and just want you're pictures to look good- don't worry! We do make sure that everything going out the door looks the best it can.