Summer Sale! What's in your closet?


With the rain finally giving us a break, and the nice days one after the other, summer is flying by before our very eyes. It seems like only yesterday it was June, and we were thinking about what kind of sale to do for July. Now here we are, days away from August, and it is time for another promo.

I will get to the promo in a minute, first.......

As some of you may know, my good friend and co worker Erin, is doing a give away right now for shoe box scanning. Now I know that some of us don't have boxes and boxes of prints laying around. Currently whatever prints I have stuffed away in corners, or thrown into boxes are images that I still have on my computer. Mainly it is because I have always shot digital, and I have a hard time letting go of those files. However I can't help but think about my mothers house. She probably has thousands of pictures, in boxes and in albums, mostly of my childhood. Images of me and my sister growing up, from the time we were born, to our bloody knees from a fall, all the way to high school graduation. Over the year I have always loved to pull them out and look at them, laugh at them, remember. The negatives are maybe still around, maybe not. Some might have been damaged by old age or water, others lost. I can't help but to think about how happy she would be if I were to take all of those images, and scan them all for her so that she could easily have them, share them, keep them. I just wanted to bring that up, because with Erin's give away, she is offering you a chance to do something just like that.

Me, my dad and my sister. Yes, that's me in the middle!

You may be like me, you might not have tons of pictures laying around, but I am quite certain that someone in your life, a grandmother, an aunt, a mother, a sister, probably does. All you have to do to enter is to post your favorite older picture. It could be from as little as five years ago! You could end up winning FREE shoebox scanning (Do you know how many you can fit into one of those boxes? Hundreds!) and making someone's birthday or Christmas very very special. Very memorable. (Click here to enter)

Yes, that's me again!

So for this months promo I am tying it into her give away. A special sale on shoe box scanning! A really good one. For the entire month of August, shoe box scanning will be 40% OFF! And getting the deal is easy! There are no promo codes, no coupons to cut out! All you have to do is bring your pictures in, and you get the deal! It doesn't matter if you have 14 or 400! It is all 40% OFF! We will take all of those disorganized prints, and within days you will have them on a gold archival DVD. Imagine what you could do! You could go to your grandmothers house and go through all of the old pictures, and then surprise your dad with pictures of him when he was a child growing up! You could get pictures of a loved one who is no longer with us, pictures of when they were young, and carefree, and then give them to all of the grandkids for Christmas.

The possibilities are endless! How will you choose to pass on the history?

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