July Blog Contest- Free Shoebox Scanning


It's far from a "good" photo, but I'll still treasure it as long as I can see it!

My parents have somewhere around a gazillion old photos scattered around their house. Mostly in the basement or other dark, hard to reach places. Of course most of them are loose- either they've fallen out of the albums they were originally in, or they were never put in them to begin with. The negatives are all over the place, never together, not even with their matching set of prints.

It's just not the way it's suppose to be! Photographs should be prized, kept safe and passed down through generations. There was a time when it was an honor to have your photograph taken- now it seems we've been desensitized to the importance and value in a simple picture.

The good news is that we can fix this. We've got the ability and more then enough technology to keep all our memories (and those of people passed) in great condition, so that someday someone else down the family tree will be able to appreciate them too.

I'm sure you know that we can scan all your old negatives to disc. (If you didn't, now you do- check out the details here.) But- did you know we can scan all your old shoeboxes full of photo's, too? Bring us in a handful, or the whole box! It can't get much easier then that! To get a whole shoebox done would only run you 129.99 usually. Not bad at all! The files you get in return are 4x6 size at full resolution, and they come burned onto an archieval quality disc. All you have to do is pop it into your computer, and you can share all those memories with whomever you want! You can print them, too. We suggest 4x6 sized photos if you want the best possible quality in your print, but you could definetly squeeze a decent 8x10 out of them if you wanted! Sounds like a good deal?  Well, I've got a better one!

You could win a free scan of a shoebox full of those precious memories! All you have to do is show me your favorite old photo. It could be something you took years ago, a portrait your grandparents owned or something out of the history books. (Of course, please keep copyright in mind when linking/posting other peoples pictures.) Post a comment to this blog to let us know you've entered! If you do not wish to show your picture to everybody else, you can email it to us at photolab@atlanticphotosupply.com . Please remember to comment here, though!

Contest will start Monday, July 25th at 9:00am (ADT) and will run until Friday, July 29th at 4:00pm (ADT). Winner will be chosen by random draw, and will be announced Monday August 1st at 12pm- on this blog and on the facebookfeed. Prize is one free shoebox scanning. This means you will be able to bring us a shoebox full of pictures! Prize is valued at $129.99. Prize is not exchangeable and has no cash value. This contest is open to EVERYBODY! One entry per person. You must post a comment on this blog to let us know you entered!  You can email us at photolab@atlanticphotosupply.com with your picture if you do not wish to post it to the comments, but please still comment on the blog! =) Good luck!


on 2011-07-29 12:15 by APS

Breaking news, folks! We've decided to extend this contest until Friday the 26th of August. So you've plenty of time to go through those photos you've forgotten you had, and pick one to share with us. If you're unsure if you should take the time to enter, because you are a child of the digital age (like myself) with little to no boxes of prints laying in closets... Well, just remember that it would make one amazing gift for parents, grandparents or other film and print enthusiasts in your life! It's always good to share!

One last thing: this contest is open to everyone! Whether you are new to the photo world, or a seasoned pro, you are welcome to enter.


Congratulations Jeanette Gallant! You've won yourself a free shoebox scan!

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