Spots in Halifax to keep you going!


Once again I have decided to highlight two more places within the city that are interesting to explore and photograph; Sullivans Pond and Point Pleasant Park.

Sullivans Pond is a man made body of water that is located north east of Halifax Harbor at Dartmouth Cove. It is part of the Shubenacadie canal system and was constructed to be a holding pond for vessels during the early to mid 1800s. The pond was linked to the ocean by a marine railway which transported boats to and from Dartmouth Cove. On a side note, in case you are wondering what a marine railway is, a marine railway is constructed with an inclined plane that extends deep into the water and a wooden cradle that the ship is floated on.  Once attached the ship can be brought up out of the water and up the slip. This was originally done by men and horses, later steam engines and now by electro-hydraulic winches.

During the 1860s the Shubenacadie canal became unsustainable with the growth of the railway and was eventually abandoned. Sullivans Pond was neglected and polluted as the area around it grew with homes, an ice skate factory and a shipyard.

During the early 20th century the City of Dartmouth began go clean up the lakes that were used as part of the Shubenacadie canal system. Today Sullivans Pond is a park surrounded by homes and business, it has a concert pavilion and a functioning fountain was constructed. There are also flower gardens, benches and a walking trail around the pond. It also features an island that is home to a totem pole that was given to the city by the province of British Columbia for hosting the 1969 Canada Summer games.

Point Pleasant Park is close to 200 hundred acres that is located on the southern tip of the Halifax peninsula. It is leased to the city by the Government of Canada for the next 999 years that began in 1866.

Point Pleasant has played an important role in Halifax history since the 1700s. It was first used in the mid 1700s by the British government; a military and civilian settlement was built. The purpose of the military was to protect the Halifax Harbour and prevent enemy ships from entering. Many structures, batteries and shelters were built and modified for military use, remains of these shelters still exist today. The Park played a key role in military defense until the end of World War II. Monuments honoring the Canadian Military and Navy as well as the men and women who lost lives in battle are found throughout the park.

The park was heavily damaged by Hurricane Juan in 2003, thousands of trees have been planted in the park to replace those lost during the hurricane.

While walking through the park you will find many people running, biking or walking on the trails, dog-owners can also let their dogs run free. There are lots of trails and history to explore.

Next time you decide to take an adventure with your camera keep these two places in mind. Share your photos and let us hear about your adventure. Suggest new places that everyone can discover and enjoy that we may not already know about.