Picking the filter that's right for you.


As the summer months arrive, and hopefully some decent non-rainy weather, it gets me excited to go out and do some of my favourite sunny day activities – road trips, beach days, walks on the waterfront and photographing all the summery scenes.

I plan on being able to do a lot of all of the above!

Camera to my eye, I want to capture a number of summer scenes, without having to worry about the brightness of the sun being an obstacle. One tool I find comes in handy is using filters. There are many different types of photographic filters available, but the two that I have learned to love are a polarizer and a neutral density filter.

A polarizer is a great filter to use when you really want to make the colors in whatever you're photographing pop. By this I mean, if you want to make the sky appear as blue as it can possibly be... use a polarizer. This type of filter is also very useful when you need to shoot things without a reflection, or that weird sun glare that you tend to get when photographing through glass. With the use of a polarizer you are able to see through with ease.

A neutral density filter is a filter that lessens the intensity of light of all colours equally. By this, I mean it will not change the hue of colour rendition... you will get a more truer replication of the natural colours in your photographs subject. Neutral density filters are used to allow a longer exposure (to create blur) or larger aperture (for selective focus) than required for correct exposure in the prevailing light conditions, such as a really sunny day. I use mine a lot when I want to achieve motion blur of the water when capturing waterfalls.

I hope that this was helpful, and you will all now go out and shoot every adventure summer may bring upon you!

Are there any tips or tricks you tend to use to make your summer photos better? Share them with us and go out and enjoy that weather!