Check this out!


Last month we had a promo going on fotobook. For this month, I wanted to go back to what it is that we love most, and that is printing your images!

I know that all of you must have an image or a file somewhere, maybe on your camera, or hidden away on your computer, that you have been toying with the idea of printing for awhile now. I know I do! At Christmas my mother gave me a beautiful wooden frame and I thought, perfect, I can finally get a print done and hang it on the wall! And where do you suppose that frame is? You guessed it, it is sitting on my dining room floor against the wall, collecting a layer of dust.

I decided that this week, I would finally stop procrastinating and print one of my pictures on Pearl. And I thought some of our readers may want to do the very same thing, so I decided that a mounted print would be the perfect thing for this months promo.

It won't just be any kind of print either! I am offering this deal on Pearl paper. If you have never seen it, you should come into our store and see the samples up-close. Pearl paper has a gloss finish to it, and creates a metallic look. Black and white photographs, and also photographs with lots of color look amazing on it.

For this month only, order a 12x18 on pearl, and get it for 50% off! To entice you even further, we will mount it for free. That is a $37.50 value for only $11.50! (Valid only for the month of June) Visit our store website and enter Foto Depot. When you order your 12x18, make sure to select "Pearl" as a surface, and then simply enter in your code "Pearlmount".

So start looking through those photos for that perfect one to print!