Pick of the Day - The Contest You Enter By Chance!


Print to win!

About one month ago we started "pick of the day". It's a customer reward program where each day we pick a photograph from one of the many orders we recieve and make a free 11x14 for you, our valued customers. Anything sent in via Foto Depot, our kiosks in store or film is considered. So if you want a free print, all you have to do is print with us!

We started the "pick of the day" program becuase we were constantly noticing the amazing, cute, hilarious and memorable pictures everyone was sending in. We wanted a way to say "Hey! We loved your photo! You made our day!"

So far it's been a success- who wouldn't love a free enlargement? So we've decided to amp up the fun- with "Pick of the Summer!" During the month of August we will be running a contest in our front windows featuring none other then our pick's of the day! (Don't worry we won't include your photo unless you give us written permission.) If you've already received a "pick of the day" in June, or if you receive one in the weeks leading up to August- you could be entered!

We want to included all our loyal customers in this, so everyone who comes into the store will be able to vote on the winner. Not only that, but they will also be entered into a draw for a prize.

We'll be giving everyone a heads up closer to the contest start date, so don't fret about the details just yet. Suffice it to say, you'll love the prize! We're sure of it.

So remember, all you have to do is print! (With us, of course- that's the catch!)