The Nikkor 60mm 2.8 micro lens


It's time for another review from Christina!

Let me start by telling you how excited I am to own the Nikkor 60mm 2.8 micro lens! I've been borrowing it from a friend (what a dear!) on and off for two years. I finally busted open my piggy bank and bought it for myself last week.

Photo: Ruth Marsh

My romance with the 60mm lens started when I first borrowed it to document my sister's jewelry. Her work is extremely intricate and I know first hand how much time, energy and thought goes into each piece, so it was important to me to represent it properly. The micro lens lets me get in close without compromising clarity - it focuses as close as .6 ft, is suitable for general photography, and oh boy, is it sharp!

Photo: Angie Arsenault

After being asked to document a friend's ongoing project with bees, I decided the lens was a must-have. Now it’s time to go glue the ol’ piggy bank together and start saving for my next lens.