Farewell to the Flip


The Criso Flip camera, I have to say, is the best little video camera ever. It's so compact, easy to use and the sound & quality is as good, or even better then your average video camera. The HD is outstanding and the software is very simple to use- as soon as you plug the camera into your computer, laptop or notebook it instantly down loads the software. So you can start having fun right away editing your movies, creating snap shots and greeting cards. You can also share on facebook, twitter, and post on youtube. What really impressed me the most about the flip is how great the sound and picture looks when watching it on your T.V. There's nothing better then having precious memories of your friends, family and love ones that you can cherish forever.

Like the old saying goes "all good things must come to an end". They are actually discontinuing the flip camera. With today's technology they say that most cell phone or iphones take a better video. Well, in my opinion the flip is better then any movie I have seen on a cell phone or iphone.

So my advice to anyone out there if you come across a flip video camera - buy it! It will be the best little video camera you will ever own. What is your opinion on the flip if you have one? If you don't, what do you use to make and keep those family memories?