The month of May...


Hey everyone. As promised I am back with another monthly promo. I thought because Mother's Day is coming up, and also Father's day coming right around the corner, a gift type item is in order.

This month I am choosing one of our Black Suede Fotobooks! These make great gifts for family, and also, they are great as a gift to yourself. It is a way to have all of your favorite photo's in one place, without the hassle of putting them into an album. Gather up your best shots, and then have them in a fotobook on your coffee table so that you can show them off whenever you want. My personal favorite is filling a book with images from your own project 365! Plus, you can put up to 9 images on a page and choose different layouts and styles!

So heres's what you do. Visit and enter foto depot. Then create your own BLACK SUEDE FOTOBOOK, once you are done, enter the code "FotobookB10" and receive $10.00 OFF! (Promo will run for the month of May, available on Black Suede only.)

It's that easy! What will you create with yours?