Spots in Halifax to get you started!


With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner it is all the more reason to get out with your camera and capture it all.  I have been working on project 365 for a couple months now and feel that anything that will get me out of the house with my camera these days is a good thing,  you can only photograph the cat so many times.  I find one of the hardest things during the winter months is to stay motivated, brave the cold and to continue photographing.  I decided to highlight two wonderful places within HRM that I enjoy exploring with my camera, those being The Public Gardens and Banook lake. 

The Halifax Public Gardens first opened in the mid 1800s, it is a unique two acre garden in the heart of downtown that can be enjoyed from dawn till dusk each spring, summer and fall.  Flowers, wild life, pathways and architecture elements give the park charm and character.  It has remained the same over the years and under gone little change except for those caused by mother nature.  

Lake Banook is a fresh water lake located in Dartmouth, its eastern side borders with Prince Albert Road.  Its name comes from the Mi’kmaq phrase “first lake”.  It is home to three canoe and kayak clubs that offer training in those sports.  Lake Banook has also played host to many sporting events, the most recent is the senior world championships in 2009.  There is also debate that it was the birth place of hockey.  There is a walking path around most parts of the lake that have public access and on any given day you can find people out walking, running or enjoying a leisurely stroll around the lake.  

These are just two of many places that I enjoy exploring with my camera, What places do you enjoy photographing during the summer months?  Let us hear about some of your favourite places to photograph and be sure to check out our print services.