The passing of a customer, and friend


Being part of a small business has it's up's and downs. The up is is being part of a greater community of Photographers. Because we prefer to deal with our clients in a more personal way, we get to know them in a different light then many retail business's do.

In the last month we lost 2 clients, one as a result of a tragic car accident, the other, to cancer.

Jean Marie Belleveau was killed just outside Bathurst. Husband to Claudette and father of 2 young children. It just seemed like yesterday that I watched this thin little guy eat the largest serving of ribs I ever laid my eyes on. His passing left some of our staff and myself shocked and speechless. Our thoughts are with Claudette and her family.

The second passing was Liz Curran, Minds Eye Images from Fall River. Liz lost her fight with cancer and left behind a husband and 2 young boys. I had known Liz for many years. She always had a smile and never a bad thing to say about anyone. When I came to Atlantic Photo, she was a great supporter behind our move to build a new pro lab in Atlantic Canada. She was a true friend and will always be missed.

A little over two years ago, Angela Davis of Lifestyle Photography passed away from cancer as well. Again, a good friend to Atlantic photo. She inspired us to create new products and brought with her a point of view from the United Kingdom.

The down part of getting to know your clients, is that when these things happen we are moved by their loss. Sometimes we grapple with the appropriate response. Printing enlargements for the funeral just doesn't seem to quite cut it. It is a small world in our business , and the passing of our friends is never easy for anyone.

May they rest in peace.