The art of learning


Photography is becoming easier for the average person, thanks to the availability of easy to use point and shoot cameras. However to get the quality shot, some things can only come by having experience and lessons.


As a graphic designer, looking through the lens of a camera is different for me. I try to find the images that will catch my eye. Sometimes the ordinary things that people would pass by, can become something special.


I take my camera with me on walks, and I go to places others might not normally visit. Keeping in mind the colour, composition, lighting and shadow.


Take pictures of whatever catches your eye, and take many shots to ensure you get the best quality image. Play around with your light settings, this can totally change the look and feel of your image. Some images that are taken in colour, can look dramatically different when changed to black and white. Even changing it to a due tone can have a fast difference in the mood of your image.


From personal experience, don't be afraid to play around with your camera settings and see what each one does. In doing this you will become more comfortable with your camera and learn what works for you.


Most of all, have fun with your camera! You never know when you are going to find that one of a kind shot.