Project 365. Do you have what it takes?


Just under a year ago, my fellow lab rat Erin, decided to research Project 365 for her very first blog topic. It was shortly after she posted it that she had asked me if I had ever considered doing one, and would I like to start one around the same time as her.

At first it was hard. trying so hard to think of what to do every single day. There were days where I just wanted to quit! There were nights where I hated my picture and wish I had time to take a different one. But there were days when I amazed myself. There were days where I could not wait to post my picture on Flickr and get feedback from my fellow 365 friends.

I know lots of people in the past year that have tried to start it, and then got lost in the reality of their lives and never picked it up again. Were they just too busy? Or was it not there thing? I tell everyone to do it when they ask me about it. Whenever someone I know gets a new camera and they are complaining that they have no idea how to use it, I tell them to do this project.

It is amazing to look at all of the pictures I took over the past year, and see how I spent my time, and how much I have changed as a person. And now I am at the end.(You will notice one blank spot on my poster!)  Part of me is relieved that I made it, and that I can take a night off. Part of me is already wanting to go ahead and plan the start of my next one. I have just invested in a Macro lens, why not 365 day of Macro. What better way to learn how to really use it?

In case you are planning to start one, here are some tips to help you along.

  • Photo Walk! It's easy and free!
  • Word Days- Exchange words with a friend and see what you can come up with!
  • Crayon Challenge- Get a small box of crayons and everyday take a picture of something that matches the color of the crayons!
  • Scavenger Hunt- Get a group of 365ers, and each name 2 items (abandoned toy, chalk drawing etc.) and then make a list of around 10 items, and take a picture of one a day.
  • Search Flickr for groups such as "Bench Monday" and "Flare Friday". My favorite is "Purple Tuesday"

The time is now. How will you spend it?