What's in your closet?


We all have those closets. You know what I mean. The closets that stay hidden from visiting in-laws. The closets that you are scared to venture into in fear that you will become lost in them. The closets that you will literally throw yourself against the door if anyone tries to open it. You know exactly what I mean. The "Junk" closet.

And what is in that closet? Do you stash away years and years worth of flyers and postcards? Maybe at one point you had a love for postage stamps, and built a collection that you were never able to part with. Whatever is in there, you can be sure that one thing we all have hidden away somewhere, is boxes and boxes of old prints and slides.

The demand for digital copies of old prints and slides is high, so we have decided to offer two new services.

Slides to Digital: Digitize those slides and get organized!

Shoe box scanning- batch scanning of all your favorite pictures. From a shoe box to a CD or DVD in 48 hours.

To welcome these new services, we are having a shoe box sale. What's a shoe box sale you ask? Well, it is just that! Bring us your shoe boxes full of  prints (and that's a lot of prints!)  we will scan them to CD for only $129.99.

Imagine organizing all of those old prints, and keeping them in one place. They are scanned at original size at 300 DPI. So if it is an 8x10, then you will get an 8x10 at 300dpi, and you will be able to print it whenever you want. For slides they are scanned at 11x14 at 300 dpi. Once you have them all on CD, you will be able to upload and store them in our online ordering system Foto Depot and print them whenever you like!

So face your fear, open up that closet and dive back into the days of prints and slides, and bring them into the digital world.

What's in your closet?