Sue Siri and the IWK


As some of you may know, recently the IWK released a calendar. When you donate ten dollars you receive this beautiful, heartwarming calendar, full of inspiring images. All of the proceeds go towards the IWK. It's an easy way to help a great cause, and the calendars are available in our store! For November, we're giving away a ten dollar gift certificate to our store when you make your donation, as our thanks to you.

The woman behind the photography is one of our own clients, Sue Siri. I recently had the pleasure of being able to ask her a few questions for our blog.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Don't want to be too specific and give away my age! I went to King's College here in Halifax then to NSCC for photography. I started out in press at the Herald, the first female press photographer to ever work there. I do mostly people photography - families, weddings, corporate head shots, healthcare. My studio is on Spring Garden Road. I was raised in Nova Scotia but left the province for 15 years and found my way back just over 10 years ago. Halifax has been a great place to work and live and raise a family.

Why did you choose to do this calendar for the IWK?

I started the IWK calendar 8 years ago because I wanted to demonstrate to my children how fortunate we were and how much we had that we could give back to our community. I am definitely not your typical bake sale mom, so something involving photography was obvious. I do a lot of children and baby portraiture so I decided to produce a calendar with the sales going to the IWK Foundation. It was important to me that 100% of the purchase price go directly to the charity so I obtained sponsorship to cover the cost of production. Photography, design, and marketing are all donated and the printing costs are offset by corporate sponsorship. RBC, my major partner, sells the calendars at every branch right across the Maritimes. And, of course, Atlantic Photo donates the canvases for the launch party that will eventually hang to the halls of the hospital.

Would you do this again?

I would do it again and probably will. It is a lot of work, more than you can imagine, but it really is a passion. I often try to think of a more relevant project, calendars are becoming obsolete, but until I come up with a better product I will continue to work on the calendar.

For more information on Sue Siri Photography, or to see her work, please visit

So if you have never had one of these calendars, what better time to donate? These would also make wonderful Christmas presents. Rather then getting that same old calendar of puppies or flowers, why not choose one that will make a difference?

* One gift certificate per person. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. Limit one per transaction. Redeemable on in store purchases only.