Troubled Waters - A Product Update


It is going to be an interesting few months to be in the camera business with all that has happened so far this year.  First, the tragedy of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, had a severe impact on many products from both Nikon and Canon.  Supply of higher end lenses along with cameras like the Nikon D700, D3s and Canon 5D MK II were and still continue to be, impacted by factory shutdowns and rolling power blackouts.  Here at Atlantic Photo we would place our orders and cross our fingers that we would get at least part of our orders.

The latest problem cropped up over the last couple of weeks and has a major impact on Nikon.  There has been major flooding in Thailand, with parts of the country under water and areas under mandatory evacuation.  One if those areas is where Nikon has a factory and produces their very popular consumer focused DSLR cameras – the D3100, D5100 and D7000.  Additionally, the factory also produced some of Nikon’s lenses.

Nikon is still assessing what this will mean to the supply chain.  Early communications by Nikon don’t sound encouraging.  If you are thinking of getting one of these cameras for Christmas shop early especially if you are looking for a D7000.  Inventory of that camera is not looking good and the D5100 isn’t much better.  The entry level D3100 is fairing a little better but supply could still be limited.  More news on this front to come I’m sure.

There were also rumours that the flooding forced Nikon to shelve plans to release a new DLSR this fall, but that is only speculation at this point. Our best wishes go out to the many people impacted by the flooding in Thailand with special thoughts to our friends at Nikon.

On a brighter note, Nikon has introduced a completely new camera series; the Nikon “1” mirrorless camera.  The V1 is an amazing new camera system that should be on our shelves by the time this blog is published.  It is small, lightweight, incredibly versatile and will appeal to existing Nikon users who want something smaller to put in their gadget bag as well as first time buyers.  Also, we will see the J1 camera soon too.  It is a lower price point camera that will have broad appeal.  While not as feature rich as its big brother the V1 it still accepts all the lenses and accessories of the V1 and will be available in a number of colors making it a potentially hot item this Christmas.  One of the appeals to existing users of both cameras is its ability to accept older Nikon lenses by using an adapter.  Wait for a staff users report and review shortly.

From the Canon front we saw news last week of a new top of the line pro DSLR, the 1Dx.  It will not hit shelves until March of 2012 but already has created quite a stir.  This camera has been much awaited as the 1DS MK III was getting pretty long in the tooth.  Even though we are months away from its release date we already have a waiting list.

And finally, on an even brighter note I am pleased to announce that Atlantic Photo Supply has been granted a dealership for Promaster.  This company, based in the United States, offers us an incredible array of photo accessories.  Watch for lots of new products including tripods (we already have a few including two carbon fibre), bags, memory cards, batteries, chargers and so much more.  We have already been blown away by the quality of several new pairs of binoculars. 

I would encourage you to drop in and have a look.  We have new products arriving every week.

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