Look at Her, by Christina Arsenault

When Kim Farmer invited me to curate a show at The Craig Gallery, we both unquestionably knew it would be photographs. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a diverse number of talented photographers in the last few years, but I chose to explore the phenomenon I’d noticed growing among my peers: young female photographers who take pictures of themselves.

I’d seen many of the women I’d studied photography with exploring the medium of self-portraiture, something I’d been finding myself doing and becoming more and more interested in.

For me, self-portraiture is an act of exploration: viewing ones self as an outsider, putting on costumes and taking on a role out side of ones self. The portraits act as a sort of voyeuristic mirror, an out let for self-exploration.

I made the decision to only invite women to participate in the show. Because the female form has dominated art history and has been used and abused in mass media, it is interesting to observe how women chose to represent themselves.

The diverse approach is fascinating, not only do these women photograph them selves, they use the medium of self-portraiture to portray a wide array of roles and themes, from the glamorous to the absurd. Some play “the actress,” some of the portraits act as self-exploration, some as self-expression and some are just for fun, for play.

For me, the portraits are the product of a time of flux, women representing one and other and themselves.

Look at Her” is on presently on display in the market space at Alderney Landing until the end of November, show casing the work of eight photographers:

Meghan Tansey Whitton, Dana Eileen, Cherakee Stoddard, Laura Mills, Krista Comeau, Kylee Nunn, Mal Ryan, and Melodie Hueber.

For more information, please visit The Craig Gallery website.