Camera decisions.


Ever feel like you can never seem to stay caught up with the latest technology and camera gear? That the market is always changing and newer models of cameras are coming out every other month? You’re debating in your mind, whether you should wait to buy new gear or if not, what you should go ahead and get… Don’t worry! You are not the only one!

I’ve been stuck with this dilemma for quite some time! My camera is outdated; I’ve been having focus/softness issues and the overall resulting quality of my images is not at all what I would like to be getting.

I’m still in school on a student’s budget, as I have been for the past 2 years, studying photography. I graduate in the spring, but still have another full semesters worth of assignments to do… I would hate for these camera issues to keep pulling me back with marks! I have a Canon and would kind like to stay with Canon. I like the feel of the camera in my hands. I also already know how to use them with ease. I am still very willing to switch… bottom line is: I need a new camera now! This is how I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decide…

  • Buy a higher end entry level DSLR. Its within means, I would not be breaking the budget. I could also then start investing in lenses, and when more money starts coming my way after graduation, I could upgrade and still have a decent back-up camera if anything were to go wrong!
  • Buy an advanced dSLR camera. Just in the budgets price, although won’t be able to buy any new lenses for a bit, but will still be able to work with the current lenses I own.
  • Go big! And buy a full frame DSLR camera. Its way out of the budget, but it will definitely last for a long time. My current lenses would not be able to work just right with them, as well which makes for extra cost.

Any opinions? Suggestions? Or Advice?

How do you decide what cameras to buy when the time comes for yourself?