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It may be a little late to give you advice on New Years resolutions- but I'm going to do it anyway. By this time, most of us have failed the original one anyway, so here's something you can try without the pressure of the January 1st starting deadline.

You like photography, right? You like pictures; taking them, making them maybe. Hopefully you like to print them, too. So chances are you probably like new places. Traveling and photography are linked, and you can't deny that. It's great to hold that camera and see your home town or city in a new light- but have you tried your hand at documenting somewhere new? When was the last time you went out of your way to experience something out of your comfort zone? Did you capture it?

The weirdest part about travel photography, is when you hold that camera to your face and suddenly it reminds you of home. New Zealand's rolling hills and coastline, for example, remind me of Newfoundland- with a tropical twist.

Cook Straight, New Zealand

I make it a point to go somewhere every year. Not just for a drive to the country- somewhere outside of my home province. Last winter I travelled to northern Ontario for the first time, the year before that I went all the way to New York (by bus) just to visit Coney Island- and I filled 6 rolls of film! This year, I took almost 4 months off work to travel to New Zealand and Australia. Something I've been dreaming of doing since I was a kid.

I'm not saying you should quit your job and travel the world as a vagabond photographer- unless that's what you want. I am saying that you should think about getting out there and using that equipment the best way I know how. Your kids (and grandkids) will thank you for it. I know I loved looking through old travel photo's from my dad's time in the navy. Stop saying you'll do it when you win the lottery, and start putting some money aside. Travel isn't nearly as expensive as people believe it to be. The cost of my entire trip is less then some people spend on a camera!

Wellington Cable Car, Wellington, New Zealand

So think about it- where does your lens want to go?

Erin can usually be found working away in the lab, or up in mount and lam. Right now, though, you'll find her half way across the word- backpacking her way through New Zealand and Australia. Hopefully she doesn't get lost.

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