Atlantic Photo Supply is pleased to welcome: Gary Castle!


Atlantic Photo Supply is pleased to announce the appointment of photographer/artist, Gary Castle, to begin setting up a new department called Special Services.

Gary has been employed in the photographic field for over forty years. After graduating with a diploma in photographic theory, he started his career at the Department of Biology at Dalhousie University as their first departmental photo lab tech and photographer in 1968-69. At this time the Sir Charles Tupper Medical School was being opened and had an extensive AV/ photo department. They were training new staff in the field of Medical Photography and Illustration. Gary was a part of this program for three years which involved hands on training in the new facility.

After several years at Biology he was next employed for five years as clinic photographer and AV Tech at the Dalhousie Dental Clinic. As the new Dental school was being built he transferred to the Life Sciences Center where he worked with the Oceanography, Psychology, Chemistry and Geology Departments as photographer/lab tech.

In the early 1980’s, Gary started Castle Photographic Services and continued operating his own business catering to the photographic requirements of the local community until 2000.

One of the new services Atlantic Photo will offer is art reproduction which is what Gary has specialized in for most of his career, working mainly for Dalhousie Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of NS, the Public Archives of NS and many regional artists and crafts-people. This work focused on reproducing paintings, maps and documents for publications and web sites. Some of these projects included a book by Bernard Riordon at AGNS called “Joe Norris, Painted Visions of Nova Scotia” and “The Map Makers Legacy” by Joan Dawson. Gary’s documentation of the entire Dalhousie Art Gallery’s private collection of art and the Nova Scotia Archives art collection for digital use are major accomplishments adding to the wealth of experience Gary has to offer.

All of the staff here at Atlantic Photo Supply are happy to welcome Gary into our family!

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