Sharing our favorite spots


Since starting project 365 with my coworker Erin, I have learned one thing, that sometimes, inspiration is very hard to find. Sometimes it comes naturally, like someone placed that flower or that chair right in front of you, just for you to take a picture. Other times it is 11:20 at night, and still, nothing has grabbed you, so you settle for anything. Those are the worst days.

My friend Erin and I have a lot of different ways to find inspiration. We have "word" days, where we give each other a word to photograph. We have different types of assignments we like to do, such as long exposure shots, or colour walks. However we have one favorite, that we do every week, and that is our photo walks. A photo walk is as simple as it sounds. Grab a friend, pick a day, and try to come up with a place to go take pictures. Sometimes it is very hard. Sometimes you have to re visit places that you have already been to. And sometimes, you have to drive 2 hours out of the city to find the shot you are looking for.

Erin had suggested that we go to Blomidon on a "photo adventure". I had never heard of it. We packed up our gear (and my dog) and we jumped in the car and drove the two hours to Blomidon. I had no idea what to expect. As we were getting closer I could see these amazing cliffs in the distance, and I was hanging out the window trying to get a shot. I had no idea that these cliffs were exactly where we were heading. As we got there, I noticed everyone around had a camera around their neck. We headed down the long wooden stairs, past the other photographers, and arrived on a beach. I have never seen a beach like it before. Whether you looked left or right, you were surrounded by high, defined cliffs, that had the same richness of red that the sand did, and above, a perfect blue sky as far as the eye could see. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. But how did I not know about this place? How have I lived here for 26 years, and never heard of this little place of beauty, tucked away in the country? And if I had not been doing this project with Erin, would I have ever heard about it, or would it have remained a secret?

Now that I think about it, most of the little places I love to go, you hear of by word of mouth.

So I am hoping that some of you are looking for inspiration, and can head down to Blomidon. I also hope that some of you can share your "little places of inspiration" so that on days where some of us need to get away, and find somewhere new, we can.

Do you know of a place like this that you can share with someone looking for a little inspiration?